Hindi Language is the official language of the union government of India as well as the major national language of India. It is the mother tongue or spoken language of the people of many states of India. Our father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi considered the learning and propagation of Hindi was an integral part of the freedom movement. Gandhiji’s inspiration was well received in distant Kerala also. For practical reasons such as education and employment also the knowledge of Hindi has offered tremendous opening. The Bishop Chulaparambil Memorial College has been in the forefront to realise the importance of the
study of Hindi in the present education scenario especially spoken Hindi and Applied Hindi. Keeping this in view, the Hindi Department has launched a cultural forum which would enable students to present programs in Hindi on stage. The ‘Hindi Munch’ is the shining of a noble idea or dream, through various cultural programs and stage them in Hindi, at least once in a month. The art events in every academic year would be inaugurated by a distinguished writer or scholar. The Hindi munch conducts exhibitions competitions in Hindi Recitation, Hindi Film Quiz, Exhibition etc.


  • To develop communication skills of Hindi students.
  • To lead students through applied Hindi to the heights of national integration (national and official language levels)
  • To develop proper awareness about our cultural and spiritual legacy.
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