Alumna Registration

BCM BEAMS- The Alumnae Association of BCM College

The alumnae association of our college, BCM BEAMS registered on 22 -12-1999, has been instrumental in bringing together our former students and giving them a platform to share their ideas, exhibit their talents and inspire the present batches. The executive committee meets regularly to discuss and give feedback on the performance of BEAMS. The alumnae association conducts a medical or eye camp every year. It helps students and teachers to keep tab on their physical health. The alumnae meet is on the 2nd of October every year. The former students, retired teachers and present teachers get together on the same day. Scholarships are distributed and the stage is left open to the alumnae to share their thoughts, sing, dance, stage a play or share memories. The alumane arrange stalls on October 2 nd meet as part of their business ventures which add colours to the meet. After a sumptuous lunch, each of the participants leave with a yearning to come back the next year. It is also a platform to initiate alumnae into responsible living. For instance, during 2019 meet, the alumnae were encouraged to be part of Never Me Campaign initiated by our retired Professor, Ms Monamma Kokkad, against the verbal and sexual harassment of students in schools. A few of our alumnae are engaged in the campaigning at present.

The two other major events conducted by BEAMS inside the campus every year are lighting the lamp (by the passing out batches) and BCM Star Contest. The teachers light candles and hand over to the passing out students, signifying the spreading of wisdom and grace, the motto of our college. The most talented students from the final year UG and PG are selected as BCM Star, First and Second runners up in BCM Star contest. Every department conducts department wise alumnae meets. The alumnae contribute significantly by sharing their skills and expertise in the relevant disciplines through sessions, talks and interactive sessions with our present students. In 2019 the Department of English came out with a short anthology of poems പെൺ-Ink by the alumnae, present students and teachers of the department. Two of the alumnae also released her books for the Alumnae Meet of the Department. Two alumnae chapters were held in UAE. The alumnae also support us financially when there is a crisis.

We also have a Senior Academicians’ Forum (SAF) from 1991 onwards comprising of our retired teaching staff who meet at least once in every year and also go for short tours. They gather in college every year on festive occasions. They also sponsor a part of the retirement lunch every year. They contribute their expertise to our college. For example, Ms.Remani Tharayil, a former Principal, took sessions on cloth bag making for students (2018-19) It is happy to note that SAF contributed Rs 50000 towards the funds raised for the flood relief activities in Kerala. Our alumnae are the strong pillars we lean on.

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The participative management of former and present faculty as well as past and present students is a common platform for a host of activities under its aegis. The BCM BEAMS hosts awareness campaigns in cross cutting issues, BCM Star Contest to select the student star of the year among the final year students, BCM BEAMS day- The Alumni Meet as well as the Lamp Lighting Ceremony for the final year students.


The Alumni association of BCM BEAMS is functioning well in the college. Year-wise activities include free medical/eye camp, annual get-together on October 2nd (BCM BEAMS day), lamp lighting ceremony, and BCM Star Contest.