HoD’s Message

The Department of English is one of the exuberant departments of BCM College which aims at offering quality education to the students. The department provides academic excellence along with moulding personalities of the students. The department always stands in prime position by securing top ranks in the MG University Examinations. Last year we stood first in Model 1 English Language and Literature and Model 2 English Administrative Assistance Course. We aim at the holistic development of our students by giving them sessions on life skills and personality development classes. We try to inspire them to fly high and reach the stars and give them the platforms for publications and presentations with the support of our alumnae. We are happy to say that we have a fruitful relationship with our alumnae community, MITHRA.

Prof. Riya Susan Scariah

The Department of English started functioning in 1955 under the able leadership and guidance of Prof. P.L Stephen . B. A English Language and Literature course was started in 1993. B. A English Model II, Administrative Assistant Course was begun in 1997.M. A English Language and Literature (Self Financing) Course commenced from 2013 and M. A English Language and Literature (Aided) course began in 2014. B.A English Model III, English Literature, Communication and Journalism was established in 2015. The Department currently has 11 permanent faculty members, 6 self financing faculty,2 guest lecturers and 300 students.. The Department has a well equipped Language Lab to provide training to the students in English Language. Students get a technically assisted training in the lab towards improving their language skills like pronunciation and fluency. The department organizes various programmes, classes and seminars that offer an exposure to students on various topics related to language and literature. The students release manuscript magazines every year which provide a channel them to express their literary and artistic talents. The department also accords ample opportunities for the overall development of the students by conducting orientation classes for career choices, personality development, leadership training etc. Students are also encouraged to take part in various extracurricular activities such as intercollegiate literary fests and other competitions to hone their innate talents and skills. The Department organizes intercollegiate literary fest Celebrazione and media fest Vox Pop to sharpen the leadership and organizational ability of the students.

Our Mission

To mould an academically oriented, socially committed generation of empowered women with aesthetic sensibility and artistic creativity

Our Objectives

To focus on communicative skills in English, enhance creativity, provide proper career orientation and inculcate social sensibility.

Our Vision

To enlighten and empower.