HoD’s Message

The Department of Sociology at BCM College is the passageway for our students to step into the world of sociological intrigues. While keeping up with the academic rigor that the discipline demands we also strive to keep our student’s lessons as relatable to their everyday lives as possible. In a world where social change is rapid and unrelenting, our students are equipped to understand and analyze society through the sociological lens. We try to invigorate the research interests of our students by ensuring participation in seminars at the state and national level. In addition to the courses in the curriculum, the department offers additional avenues for learning such as the zero credit course in ‘Life skill Education’, certificate course in ‘Guidance and Counselling for Everyday Life’, Diploma course in Journalism and other add on courses. These efforts are undertaken with the aim to familiarize students with as many areas of study as possible. The department encourages students to host as well as participate in activities inside and outside college, making their overall college experience fun and fruitful. We wish the same for you and the generations to follow….

Thank You ,

Alphonsa Kurian

   The department of Sociology was founded in 1963 with a vision of relentless pursuit of excellence to bring forth secular, socially committed, morally upright, physically and emotionally matured citizens. The department has laid the foundations of teaching and learning of Sociology in Kerala as it is the first department offering graduation in sociology in the state. The department has become well known among academia and even in the general public due to  the outstanding work of teachers who have been serving at the department all through the years. Prof. Grace Makkil was the founding Professor of the department. Sr. Mary Michael of the department was later elevated to the post of the principal of the college in the period 1982-1985. Prof. Laila Joseph, Prof. Mary Kuriakose, and Prof. Sheela John, have all elevated and helped to continue the department in the path of excellence both in curricular and co-curricular aspects. Keeping up with the tradition in the college, the department nurtures the students to have holistic development of their self and personality with heightened level of aspiration through out-reach programmes, extension activities, field visits and alike. Students of the department have been securing ranks and other important academic recognitions from university and academic community since 1963. The department has currently two permanent faculty and one guest lecturer with 95 students in the graduation programme.

Courses Offered

  • Three years B. A Sociology Programme with History and Economic asComplementary subject.
  •  Sociology is offered as complementary subject for B.A History students.
  • Open Course titled, ‘Element of Social Psychology’ is offered for 5th semester   B.A, B.SC students.
  •  UGC approved Diploma and Certificate Cours titled ‘ Journalism and Mass Communication’.
  •  Certificate Course ‘ Guidance and Counselling for Everyday Life’.
  •  Zero Credit Course ‘Life Skill Education’.