With liberalization of Indian economy, all-round industrial growth has been witnessed in all sectors with improvement in social and economic conditions of our people. This has created demand for more and better quality foods. With advancement in production technology, high yield levels will lead to large amount of marketable surplus of food grains and crop residues, demanding appropriate handling, processing, preservation, storage,marketing and utilization. The development of processing industries to preserve the perishable agricultural produce will not only improve economic and nutritional status of our population but it may help in employment generation in rural as well as urban areas of the country. This can be achieved by linking production, and post harvest technology in synergistic way.

Moreover, with development of processing industries, it is quite likely that the demand for food scientists and technologists will increase more in number in the next few decades. Hence, specializations offered at graduate level need to be strengthened considering occupational needs as well as demands of the food industries.

It is my goal to create a department that is thriving with good teachers, good researchers, and good students, all working together for the benefit of all. I expect our faculty to be actively involved in helping students succeed in our classes and our majors. Thriving successfully for the twenty fifth year we are updated constantly with a reputed advisory board comprising of eminent food industrialists, prominent alumni and research advisors from world renowned research academic bodies.

The ultimate aim is to transform students into complete professionalism and competent at the global level

Mrs. Anju Annette Cherian

The Department of Food Science and Quality Control was started in BCM College during the academic year 1997 under the Vocational Degree Programme directly under the University Grants Commission and affiliated to MG University. The programme continues to strive successfully in its 25th year. The department since its inception has been headed by Mrs Anju Cherian and is now a full fledged department having provided students with professionalism aimed as its motto to food industries in India and abroad as well as numerous prominent alumni who serve on the advisory board, conduct relevant certification programmes and are actively involved in department activities. The department also has to its credit University toppers every academic year , full fledged laboratory facilities, ICT enabled classroom and a fully functional incubation centre and tie ups with reputed food industries in India and abroad as well as prominent visiting faculty representative of industries and academic institutions.

Job Opportunities

  1. Food Technologists
  2. Packaging Analysts
  3. Quality Control Supervisors
  4. Research and Development
  5. Food Chemists
  6. Food Microbiologists
  7. Quality Control Managers
  8. Entrepreneurs
  9. Food Inspectors
  10. Hygiene Officers