College Overview

The institution has adequate facilities for teaching – learning.

Spread over a total of 2.57 hectares (6.35 acres) surface area and a built-up area of 17198.05 square meters in a single compact campus, it fosters family atmosphere and smooth management. The college functions in five buildings: Main Block, Auditorium and Library Block, UGC Hostel, new building and the hostel block. Administrative wing functions in the Main Block.

Fully Automated Library

Library is fully automated with ILMS Software KOHA (Installed in 2012) provides a very user-friendly interface for searching documents in the library and their issue houses books, journals, periodicals for both graduate & under graduate programmes.

A personal space APPLE is all about giving personalised learning support to mediocre & slow learners, students with visual & hearing difficulties, dyslexia etc.We offer personalised, tailor made, educational and behavioural support to each such student after identifying their learning needs through streaming tests and mentoring sessions.


Smart Classes

We are equipped with 37 smart class rooms, for effective interaction & learning.



The College functions with the noble goal of moulding students well-versed in technology and applications that will stand them in good stead in this techno-imperative society. To stay true to this vision the College augments her IT facilities on a regular basis updating and making them accessible to both the staff and the students.

The internet is distributed through LAN cables. All the computer labs have access to internet and is connected to the network either by wired LAN or through Wi-Fi. 58 classrooms are LAN enabled.


Fully air conditioned 30 seater, ICT enabled audio visual hall with video conferencing facility is used for conducting seminars, lectures, workshops, staff meeting & association programmes. & AC seminar hall with seating capacity of 140 is also available on campus.



The auditorium has the capacity of housing 2000 people. This infrastructure is enhanced with LCD & screen and an effective sound system and has been the centre of all cultural, social and sports activities of the college for the past 50 years. It has hosted innumerable programs of National and International importance. MG university youth festival, College Arts festival, BCM Star contest, College day, ‘Vykhiri’ lecture series etc. are all conducted here.



The language lab assists in effectively improving the communicative skills of students in the English language. it has been revamped with the addition of 30 computers and latest relevant materials.


The Student Amenity Centre of the college is an initiative of the Department of Commerce as a Live Lab. It provides an excellent platform for students to demonstrate their entrepreneurial skills. In order to cater the needs of BCM, the Student Amenity Centre provides various services. The student friendly store provides a wide range of products such as Text books, Notebooks, Lab materials and other stationery items at affordable price. It is open during the working hours of the college.


The college has two computer centres functioning now, as the syllabi is modified with the inclusion of information technology as a subject for all programmes.Students make use of the computer centre for their studies.


A counselling centre is functioning in the college with qualified counsellors extending their service to the students. It is mandatory for every student to meet the counsellor during the academic year.


A counselling programme initiated by the Department of Home Science, it provides telephonic and online counselling to students and parents. It also engages in arranging resource teams for counselling classes.


The college canteen functions on all working days and provides meals, snacks, refreshments, cool drinks, etc. It is governed by a committee comprising representatives of teaching and student community. The college canteen is registered under FSSAI and is managed by the department of Food Science and Quality Control since the academic year 2014.


The college motivates and facilitates the students interested in sports, games and fitness. It provides special training in Hand ball, Tabletennis,Basketball,Kabaddi,Shuttle bad-minton,Yoga, Athletics, Wrestling, Cycling, Karate and Taekwondoand according to the abilities of the student. All the students of the college are expected to take part in sports and games and other physical education activities since it is very essential for their total personality development.


The Fitness centre was started under the guidance of the Department of Physical Education to promote health and fitness among students and staff.

The college fitness centre has many modern types of equipments to cater to the fitness requirements of the student and teacher community. Equipments like Cross Trainers, Recumbent Cycle, multi-Station Gym, Free Weights, Power lifting and weightlifting equipments etc. are its main highlights. Students and teachers use this facility in the after-hours to achieve their fitness goals.


A health centre has been provided within the campus for the welfare of sick students.


The recreation room for teachers & students is the place of relaxation. special corners to destress are provided with facilities like reading section, table tennis, & audio visual section.


The department of Zoology & Botanty maintains a museum housing a large of specimens.

The Zoology museum of Bishop Chulaparambil Memorial College was established in the year 1959 under the guidance of Prof. T  Joseph. Prof. Chellama James took over the charge in 1962 and has put in immense effort in enriching the museum by adding specimens collected from different parts of India. The museum encompasses wide spectrum of well curated specimens from protozoans to mammals. Invertebrate and vertebrate diversity is well exemplified in the museum. Rich collection of indigenous fauna adds to its richness.

Specimens of evolutionary importance are on exhibit. A wide range of coelenterates especially corals are displayed in simulating manner of reefs. A section of museum is completely devoted to osteology with bones and skeleton of many vertebrate species including human. Specimens like Pangolin, Hystrix, Varanus, Loris, Mongoose, Hedge hog,  Bat etc. are included in stuffed specimen collection. Wide range of fish specimens including electric ray, hammer headed shark etc. are preserved well in the museum. Placenta of various animals, embryo etc. present in the museum aid in the study of the developmental history of animals. Models and bio visual charts of various physiological systems and organs make teaching learning process more fruitful.

The museum is accessible for all the stakeholders to study, observe and thereby appreciate the beauty of nature and the need to conserve it. Museum is opened on all working days from 9.30 am  to 4.30 pm. Exhibition of museum specimens is done periodically. It act as repository of organisms both extant and extinct and is  used in research, to understand evolution in animal kingdom and as a tool in teaching and learning about diverse array of  life forms.


The College Patio is the centre of all activities of the college. Its location and visibility from all the corners help the students in organizing various activities like flash mobs, Debate competitions, students Durbar, promo programs etc. It’s also used by the NCC for its drill and Marching practice. Students also use the patio for playing recreational games like Shuttle Badminton.