Nature club is a conservation programme  to  spread conservation awareness in society. Through the nature club the college  hopes to reach out to all sections of society to conserve , develop and spread awareness among peopleThrough the nature club the college aims to reach out to nature lovers and budding conservationists.

The aim of  Nature Club is to sensitize and mobilize students’ participation for preservation and conservation of environment on campus as well as their surroundings. .The very purpose of  the  Nature Clubs is to  bring students closer to nature and make them realize the importance of maintaining an eco-friendly environment and preserve it for future generations

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The Bishop Chulaparambil Memorial College initiated the club in order to promote research  among faculty and build a scientific temper among students  , to keep themselves abreast of new knowledge, promote in them the awareness of current research findings, teach them to critique and appraise research, and encourage them to utilize research in evidence based study.

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The Bishop Chulaparambil Memorial College is committed in evolving students with core human values and ethics. A person who is offered a quality education will be able to serve the region, the state and the nation through resourceful educational programmes

Human values includes morals, integrity, peaceful life, respecting others, honesty, caring, kindness, courage, sharing, time management, adjustment ,self confidence, commitment, spirituality, service-learning, honesty and integrity of character..

Ethics is an activity which concerns with the investigation of moral values in moral issues. The set of standards adopted by professionals is called as Professional ethics. Every profession like teaching, medicine, engineering etc has its own professional ethics.

The club aims to help students self explore, respond to crucial situations and tap their societal responsibilities.

The Constitution of any country serves several purposes. It lays down certain ideals that form the basis of the kind of country that we as citizens aspire to live in. A country is usually made up of different communities of people who share certain beliefs, but may not necessarily agree on all issues. A Constitution helps serve as a set of principles, rules and procedures on which there is a consensus. The Indian Constitution has certain core constitutional values that constitute its spirit and are expressed in various articles and provisions.
The constitutional values are reflected in the entire Constitution of India, Its Preamble embodies ‘the fundamental values and the philosophy on which the Constitution is based. These are: sovereignty,socialism, secularism, democracy, republican character, justice, liberty, equality, fraternity, human dignity and the unity and integrity of the Nation.The aim is to promote the constitutional and human values among all stake holders of the institution.

The Deaddiction Club was formulated with the view  to create an awareness  and  curb the menace of substance abuse among youngsters. The club envisages every student of the college to be goal oriented and knowledgable  in protecting oneself and others against drugs and alcohol. The activities of  the club include sensitization programmes through awareness classes and campaigns  and observance of such days.

Electoral Literacy Club is a platform to engage school students through interesting activities and hands-on experience to sensitise them on their electoral rights and familiarize them with the electoral process of registration and voting.

The Anchoring club was initiated during the academic year 2021 under the aegis of the Department Of English. with the ability to introduce and host programs, , interview people ,  report on issues and events, conduct live programs.  present news, commercial messages and announcements following a script. The students anchor weekly events of the entire college and department activities once a week through documentation over the public address system . Students are also encouraged to anchor programmes on campus

It aims to provide the students human rights protections and understandings which  are  ultimately most reliant on developments and mechanisms at the national level. The laws, policies, procedures and mechanisms in place at the national level are key for the enjoyment of human rights in each country. It is therefore crucial that human rights are part of the national constitutional and legal systems and that  the awareness  is created within the college campus through this body.

India a land of youngsters with more than 50% of the country’s population below 25, in the era of an exponential technological growth, it becomes a perfect time for the students to innovate, improvise and bring new advance products and services to public and help the economic growth of the country.
The Entrepreneurship club of the college aims to ignite this spirit of entrepreneurship among students and encourages them to think creatively,  help them identify and solve problems of the society by organizing various  events like lectures, seminars, workshops, webinars


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