The five imageries contained in the emblem envisage the history and purpose behind the establishment of the college. The ‘ship’ in the left bottom reminds us of the journey in A.D. 345 of the group of Syrian Jewish Christians under the leadership of Knai Thoma, whose descendants are the Knanaya Catholic community which established and manages the institution. The beautiful ‘landscape’ with coconut tree in the right bottom evokes Kerala, God’s own country, where the Knanayaites embarked. It further calls for nostalgic patriotic spirit which should animate the students. The dawn fills us with hope of a new era yet to come. The ‘anchor’ in the upper right symbolises the firmness and steadfastness of wisdom that the college ensures the students. The intellect illuminated with wisdom is the anchor of faith, hope and charity with which the students will march forward with beaming joy, spreading sunshine everywhere. The ‘burning furnace’ symbolises the hardships of life to be overcome through the process of purification in Agni (fire). Besides, it signifies that a heart adorned with divine grace is all on fire with the love of God and man. It alludes also to the furnace (chula) contained in the house name Chulaparambil of Mar Alexander in whose fond memory the college exists. The ‘crown’ in the upper part is the one that awaits all of us when we complete our life successfully in the divine Marga.

All these symbols have a religious significance as well. While the ship and anchor symbolise the Church, the sun and beaming light symbolises Christ, the eternal light and the redeemer of mankind. The person who walks in Jesus Christ with the Church, will attain the Crown of Justice in the life everlasting.


“O God, without whom we can do nothing, bless us with thy aid, so that we may get wisdom and grace from our studies, this day and always. Amen.”