The role of student unions is to represent the students and make their voice heard internally and externally. Student unions can address a wide range of issues from student benefits to social issues and from curriculum to the menus of university restaurants.The College Union is the representative student body which provides a forum at the campus for all students to participate in the development and implementation of the Vision and Mission of the college, to impart training in leadership, to encourage students to help communities respond rightly to disasters and to focus on rebuilding themselves and those around during recovery.
1.To enlighten the students about their duties, rights andresponsibilities as young women citizens, to promote opportunities for thedevelopment of their character, knowledge, creativity, environmentalawareness and spirit of humanitarian service,
2.Organize debates, seminars, workshops, and to foster sports, arts and cultural talents. This includes organising programmes incollege like College Arts Fest and raising awareness about contemporary regionaland national issues.
3.The College Union has a Constitution prescribed by the Syndicate of Mahatma Gandhi University. and functions under the guidance of Staff Advisors.

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