Physical Education Department

My beloved students, we have to encounter several times. I want to remind you to believe yourself, think of many qualities you have, and realize your strength.

Mr. Rajesh P.C.

The Department of Physical Education of Bishop Chulaparambil College plays an integral role in the overall development of the students by providing various oppurtunities to train and improve their skills in various sporting disciplines and it also organises various programs like fitness training programs, Self defence classes,Zumba lessons,Weight reduction programs etc so as to attract students to the world of active living. The department offers scientific coaching in various events like Kabaddi,Basketball,Cricket ,Cycling ,Taekwondo etc.The department also offers the open course – Physical, Health and Lifeskill Education to the fifth semester UG students.

BCM college has a long history in producing various International and national level athletes since its inception in 1956.BCM has won University level championships multiple times in various disciplines like cricket,Hand ball , Kabaddi ,Basketball , Cycling , Wrestling ,Judo ,Track and field etc. The college Kabaddi team is the retaining the title of the MG University Kabaddi champions since 2012.

The college has facilities for Basketball,Volleyball ,Throw ball, Cricket along with indoor events like Kabaddi,Badminton ,Table tennis etc.The college also has a modern fitness centre with Cardio Machines and multistation Gym along with facilities for practising Weight Lifting and Power lifting.The department also supports students who has proficiency in any other sporting events apart from what we offer in the college.