HoD’s Message

Welcome to one of the most outstanding departments of BCM College. Chemistry possesses a focal position among the sciences. It is associated with our day to day lives and there is a full scope of employments and vocations open to the individuals who have considered Chemistry at any dimension.The fundamental focus of the department is in the creation and application of knowledge. The department has completed 60 gloriuous years in its pursuit of excellence. The department has moulded youthful girls of numerous ages into women with scientific temper. The faculty members of the department are extremely well qualified and motivated with a strong commitment to teaching. We have an ideal faculty-to-student ratio, which encourages close contact between students and their faculty mentors. This allows the faculty to give personalized attention to the academic progress of students. The curriculum is equally suitable for students intending to pursue careers in industrial research and development, and for those preparing for graduate studies in a variety of scientific and technical areas. Each year three bright students are given a golden opportunity to do research in various departments of M.G. University. Slow learners are empowered with SSP (Scholar Support Programme), PEER teaching etc. Our regular yearly programmes are One day seminar by an external faculty on the topics related to the curriculum, Online Poster presentation competitions based on environmental issues, Science popularization programmes in the form of street plays, debates and elocution competitions, industrial visits, Madam Remani Tharayil General Quiz Competition, Sr. Monfort Soft skill training programme, celebration of World Environment Day and Ozone Day etc. We closely associate with Breakthrough Science Society, Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Envrionment and Association of Chemistry Teachers to conduct our programmes.

I believe that the young minds will find Chemistry interesting and significant. So, let’s investigate the energizing universe of Chemistry.

Dr. Annu Thomas

The Department of Chemistry came into being in 1959 under the able leadership and guidance of Prof. K.J. Scaria. With its humble beginnings with just 18 students, the department has grown into one of the major departments of the college with around 100 students studying Chemistry as their Core subject and about 300 students studying Chemistry as their Complementary subject. Rev. Prof. Sr. Mary Montfort, the longest serving Head of the Department (1964 – 1991) has contributed immensly in the progress and development of the department. Madam Mary Remani Tharayil, Head of the Department (1991-1993) was elevated to the post of the Principal of the college from 1993 to 2000. Aptly qualified and experienced faculty members who regularly update their knowledge by attending seminars and refresher courses engage the classes. Some of the faculty memebers are involved in research and have presented papers in international and national conferences. The department has four well-equipped laboratories for conducting practicals and projects. The department library is a collection of around 300 Chemistry books which supplements the wide range of books avaiable in the main library of the colleg. Apart from imparting knowledge in Chemistry, the students are also equipped with the competance to succeed in life by exposing them to classes on Career advancement, personality development, leadership training and behaviour modifications.

Our Mission

To Impart Quality Education in Chemistry and Produce Women with Scientific Temper.

Our Objectives

  • To Understand Chemical Functions in terms of Structure, Symmetry, Thermodynamics, Quantum Mechanics, Spectroscopy, Reaction Mechanism and Kinetics.

  • To Master Common Chemical Techniques both Qualitative & Quantitative .

  • To Develop Basic Research Skills.

  • To Think Critically and Solve Problems.


  • Three year B.Sc. Chemistry Programme with Physics and Mathematics as Complementary subjects.

  • Chemistry is taught as complementary subject for students who have opted for Physics, Botany, Zoology, Family & Community Science, Food Science & Quality Control (Self Financing) as Core subjects.

  • Open Course titled Chemistry in Everyday Life is offered for Fifth Semester students.

  • Certificate course on Detergent Chemistry.