HoD’s Message

My beloved students, we have to encounter several times. I want to remind you to believe yourself, think of many qualities you have, and realize your strength.

Language is not only for communication, it is a tool to understand the history and culture. India, as a picture of unity in diversity, can be best seen in her rich diversified culture and heritage. This rich and diversified culture is due to the large number of languages and dialects. Hindi  is the national and official  language of India. Compared to other South Indian states, the learning of Hindi in Kerala educational system is very progressive and popular. The number of students  who select Hindi as second language at the college level is very high.  BCM College was founded in 1955 by Mar Thomas Tharayil ,  Bishop of  Kottayam to fulfill the long cherished dreams of his predecessors Mar Alexander Chulaparambil to provide an institution for the higher education of women. Since its origin Hindi has been taught as additional language for degree and pre-degree courses.

Courses offered

Common course of Hindi as additional language for B.A, B.Sc,  B.Com programmes. For B.A and B.Sc  programme, Hindi is  teaching as additional language for Four semesters. For  B.Com and B.A model 2 programmes it is  for only first and second semesters.

Teaching methods

  • Group Discussions
  • Assignments
  • Seminar