1. All the students and staff of the college are members of the library and have free
access to it. General public can also avail the facilities of the library with due permission
from the library authorities.
2. Silence is observed in the library and its premises as courtesy to the fellow readers.
3. Students are permitted to take a note-book inside the library. They can keep their other
belongings in the property-counter at the entrance.
4. PG Students can have four books on loan at a time while UG students can have two
books. Staff can have a maximum of 15 books from the library at a time. Books in the
reference section will not be lent out.
5. The period of loan of each book is 7 days for UG and 14 days for PG. Books may be
re-issued for the same period if there is no demand for them from others. Generally,
absence from the college will not be accepted as an excuse for delay in the return of
books. The librarian may recall any book before the due date.
6. A fine of Rs.1/-per day will be charged against students who fail to produce books on
or before the due date.
7. For a bibliophile (book-loving) person and for the library, books are sacred. Hence
such persons will handle the books with extra care. They shall refrain from altering or
marking or underlining the books and periodicals belonging to the library in any form. The
altered or damaged books shall be replaced by the responsible ones.
8. Sub-lending of books borrowed from the library is inappropriate for a BCM Library

9. Members are encouraged to bring their college identity cards since the entry and other
library services are fully assured only through bar code scanner. [Entry without ID card is
permitted with the recommendation letter of the concerned HODs.]

10. A reference book in great demand can be issued for overnight use only.