A Library Advisory Committee (LAC) is constituted with the principal as chairman, the librarian as secretary, and teacher and student representatives as members. The function of LAC is to support the library, especially with regard to the matters of general policies, developmental planning, programmes, goals and objectives in its support of teaching, learning, research and community building needs of the institution. It also caters to the timely evaluation and grievance redressal and acts as a channel of communication between the stakeholders and the college management. The committee meets at least four times a year.


  • Formulate and update general policies and planning.
  • Evaluation and timely address of the grievances.
  • Allocate funds to various departments and subjects for the procurement of book.
  • Promote and encourage library usage among the staff and students.
  • Monitoring of periodical stock verification.
  • Recommendation for weeding out and writing off books.

Library Advisory Committee Members 2022-23

  • Dr. Stephy Thomas (Principal)
  • Sr. Gracna SVM (Librarian)
  • Dr. Naveena J Narithokkil (HoD Department of Hindi)
  • Fr. Byju Mathew (Department of Malayalam)
  • Ms. Ancy Cyriac (Department of English)
  • Mr. Rajesh P C (Department of Physical Education)