Testimonial – Food Science Department



The Department of Food Science & Quality Control deserves special commentaries for organizing the National Seminar on Healthy Bakes. Congrats. I consider it as a prestige to inaugurate the seminar and concept launching of a “Technology Bureau Incubator”

Please ensure that TBI is set up well and that if becomes the cradle for young entrepreneurs in the Food Processing sector”.




Great experience! Great batch, Keep going, Enjoyed the session and hospitality”.




I would like to express my gratitude for inviting me as a resource person in this college. The students of B.Sc Food Science and Quality Control were attentive and shown keen interest in listening to my class. I wish them good luck. All the best to my students and faculty”.


FOOD IS LIFE. Live well as a food tech”.

Priya Aby Pynadath


I am really proud and thankful to have been a part of the BCM (Food Science & Quality Control Department). Under the able guidance of Anju ma’am and her team, I have been molded to a confident and skilled person that I am today. I developed coordination and leadership skills from my experience of running the canteen and the coffee shop assigned to us by the department. Also, the incubation center, formed by our department, brushed up my innovative talents. The industrial training, department activities and seminars have helped me a lot in my career. Currently I’m working as a QC Executive in a reputed food company in Kochi. My days at the prestigious BCM College is a proud milestone in my life”.

Akshaya Merin Babu


I’m really proud to be the alumni of BCM Food Science and quality control. The teaching has taught me how to have views other than my own while also holding my own beliefs close to my heart. I don’t know if it is possible to convey my gratitude in words, the sense of gratitude I feel. Having Teachers as advisors, mentors and friends over the past years has been one of the best things happened despite trials and tribulations I had undergone. I cannot thank you enough for the way you shaped me into a better strong independent woman. I continue to connect with a larger audience through my Instagram “Akshayaas Cameo” and YouTube with the recipes. My Canteen experience at BCM tremendously helped me in my thought process and planning in social media platforms.”

Keerthi Remanan


I’m thankful to all the faculty members of the college for their continuous efforts and support. Apart from excellent academic experience, I also gained the benefits of being a part of our department activities like seminars and other related programs. Especially the incubation centre that was very helpful for my career path, on that time I learned how to develop a new product. Moreover, that our department was sending students for industrial projects with reputed food companies, that is very beneficial for my job career. I cherish every moment spent at BCM college. I proudly say that my graduation at BCM College has been a very interesting and awesome journey”.

Theertha A Poyil (2017-2020)

2nd year MSc Food Technology,

Lovely Professional University.

I hold immeasurable gratitude and pride to be a part of this esteemed institution and learn under a team of dedicated faculty. Over the span of three years, we learned the importance of punctuality, discipline and teamwork from the very beginning and have tried to incorporate these values into our daily lives. The supervision of the coffee bar and canteen has equipped us with knowledge about the functioning of a food establishment and everything that needs to be taken care of for the same. Along with management, we could also try our hands at developing new food items through the food incubation centre and selling them after sensory and physical tests. These experiences have helped me gain more exposure in the field I want to work in and makes me feel more confident and prepared to go into an industry.”

DIVYA G PAI (2018-2021)

1st year MSc Food Technology & Quality Assurance

MACFAST College, Thiruvalla

I got the opportunity to study in BCM College, Kottayam from 2018-2021. It had been a salient part of my life. The period of study in there helped me to be more self-reliant and to look life in an enthusiastic way. The training and the experiences that I received from all the faculties of the department and the college is what helped me in achieving this. And for that I am so grateful to my teachers, especially Anju Miss and Rittu Miss for their constant support and guidance.

During my period of study in there, I had duties in the college canteen and the coffee shop, where the students were given an opportunity build up their entrepreneurship skills. Working in the canteen not only helped in escalating my entrepreneur skills but also aided in growing teamwork abilities. Working there evoked the responsibility in me to check and keep the canteen premises clean.

Actually, I am m so happy & Proud to say that I was a student of the Food Science Department.

I convey my heartfelt gratitude to my teachers who helped me to become the person that I’m today.”