Kerala Ragging Prohibition Act 1998

For the information of the students and their parents, parts from the Kerala Ragging Prohibition Act published in 1998,forbidding ragging in the educational institutions of Kerala are quoted below.

2(B) By Ragging, it is meant any physical or mental torture or any disorderly conduct towards any student of an educational institution causing apprehension, dread, humiliation or agitation in him/her. It can be harassment like insulting, teasing, bullying or man handling. It can be also be forcing upon him/her to do something which he/she voluntarily won’t dare to do normally.

Prohibition of Ragging:

Ragging is prohibited both inside and outside an educational institution.

Punishment for Ragging:

Any student involved in ragging/persuades other for ragging or advocated ragging/either inside or outside an educational institution shall be subject to a punishment of not more than two years imprisonment in addition to a penalty of not over Rs. 1,000/-.

Dismissal of a Student:

A student subject to the punishment under section (4) is liable to be dismissed from the institution and is barred from being admitted to any other institution for a period of three years from the date of receipt of his/her dismissal order.

Suspension of a Student:

If a student/parent/guardian or any teacher of the institution forwards a written complaint to the Head of the Institution, he/she has to make an urgent enquiry into the matter within 7 days of receipt of a such complaint. If the allegation is proved to be correct, the accused must be suspended with immediate effect and the matter must be referred to the police for further proceedings.

2(1) As is said in sub-section I, if a written complaint is received by the Head of the Institution, he/she has to make a detailed enquiry and if it is found baseless, the complaint must be informed of it in writing.7 Abetting: If the Head of the Institution refuses to take action in the manner described under section (6) or is negligent in initiating any steps, he/she is to be treated as one abetting the crime and is liable to be punished under section (4).

The Student Bar Council plays an active role in sensitising the students, especially first years, and provides an accessible forum for any student to openly speak up against ragging.

Committee/Anti Sexual
Harassment Committee

1.Principal, Vice-Principal


3. Office Superintendent

4.Hostel Warden

5. Dr. Riya Susan Scariah

6. Mr. Anil Steephen