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Educere- BCM Journal of Social Work

Educere (pronounced as educhere) is a scholarly journal which aims at “bringing out” literary contributions from both academicians and practitioners in the social work and related fields. It is a bi-annual journal (ISSN 2249-1090) published in June and December since 2005 by the Department of Social Work, BCM College, Kottayam.


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Objectives of ‘educere’

Educere- bcm journal of social work was started with following objectives.

  1. To serve as a medium for publishing the original research work of Social Workers.
  2. To serve as a medium for disseminating knowledge for social workers
  3. To publish social work interventions, important programmes/projects and other achievements in the field of social work
  4. To be a part in rising standard of professional social work in India.
  5. Help to add in the indigenous knowledge and literature for social work profession in India.


Educere BCM journal of Social Work (EBJSW) publishes literature related to social work. The literature needed and useful for  social work profession will be published in EBJSW. The knowledge from other related disciplines also will be published in educere. EBJSW aims to include the literature useful for social work functions in different domains such as education, practice in different sectors, training and social work administration. Hence EBJSW is highly useful for  practitioners, educators, students, trainers, social workers in the administration field for references and publishing articles. EBJSW emphases on multidisciplinary  knowledge relevant for social workers.

EBJSW invites articles

Educere BCM Journal of Social Work invites articles for publication. Articles could be related to the following fields:

  • Application of methods of Social Work in different fields
  • Literature enhancing knowledge in field work practice
  • Social Work Practice in different domains
  • Issues of elderly, women, children, disabled, marginalized and so on.
  • Social Work Interventions at individual, group and community levels.
  • Literature adding knowledge to Social Work profession including those from other related disciplines.
  • Evaluation of programs/projects both implemented by government, NGOs or other institutions.
  • Book reviews, case studies and articles introducing Social Work organizations (agency profile), activities of professional associations in Social Work, etc.

Guide lines for Authors and Submission of Articles

All the communications regarding the articles should be addressed to Associate editor, educere BCM journal of Social Work. The associate editor will make correspondences only with the main author of article.  Guide lines

Criteria for Review: Every article will be reviewed on the basis its relevance of the topic for social work knowledge, contemporary relevance, originality of work, methodology (if it is a research work), clarity and logical arrangement, correctness of analysis (if any), appropriateness and format of references and language.

Copyright: Once the article is accepted after review and the acceptance is communicated to the author, the copyright of the article is owned by BCM College, Kottayam. It should not be reproduced else where without the written permission of BCM college by associate editor.

Reference Style: The citation and paraphrasing are to be supported with appropriate explanation. The source of citations is to be properly acknowledged. Last name of the author and year of publication are cited in the text. The reference list should provide complete information of the work in APA format.

Editorial Board

The editorial board and international advisory boards of EBJSW consist of experts in different fields of social work and publishing from India and abroad.  Editorial Board

Contact:  All communications to be addressed to

Associate Editor,

Educere – BCM Journal of Social Work,

Department of Social Work,

BCM College, Kottayam – 686 001, Kerala, India

E-Mail : [email protected], [email protected]

Phone:  +91 4812582171, +91 9446448215