Dr. Peter K. Mani

General Information:

Designation : Associate Professor & HOD

Mobile : +91-9447857016

Email : [email protected]

Address : Kalapurackal House, Perumbaikad P.O., Neelimangalam, Kottayam – 686 016 

Department : Botany

  • Ph.D., Cochin University of Science and Technology School of Marine Sciences (CUSAT), Plant Bio- Chemistry and Bio- Technology, 2001
  • M.Sc., M.G. University, S.B. College Changanacherry, Botany, 1993, Distinction & First Rank in the University
  • Qualified CSIR-JRF (NET) in the Joined CSIR-UGC National Eligibility Test, conducted in Dec 1992
  • B.Sc., M.G. University, K.E. College Mannanam, Botany (Main) Zoology & Chemistry (Sub), 1991 Distinction & Second Rank in the University
Title of the Thesis:- Bio-Chemical and Bio-Technological Investigations on the Water-fern Salvinia molesta Mitchell.

University & Faculty:- COCHIN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY – (CUSAT) Faculty of Marine Sciences.

Effective Date:- 15th September 2001.

Research Guide:- Dr. Babu Philip M.Sc., Ph.D.

  • CUSAT 28/01/1994 to 2/11/1995 (1 Year 10 Months) Junior Research Fellow M.Sc. Marine Biology
  • BCM College 03.11.1995 (till date) (23 Years 3 Months) Associate Professor B.Sc Botany (Core) B.Sc Zoology (Complementary)
1. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology, Vol. 33, October 1995, pp. 806-808. (Impact Factor 1.475)
Potential Application of African Weed for the Cultivation of Oyster Mushroom.
Dr. Peter K. Mani & Dr. Babu Philip
2. Proc. Natl. Symp. Frontiers in Appl. Environ. Microbiol., 11-13 Dec. 1995, SES, CUSAT, Cochin. pp. 41-44.
Comparative Efficiency for Lignocellulose Conversion on Aquatic Weed Substrate by Different Species of Oyster Mushroom.
Dr. Peter K. Mani, Dr. Pius Thomas & Dr. Babu Philip
3 Introduction to Kerala Studies: ISBN- 978-0-615-45465-8, Vol-II, 
II SAC @ 2012, pp. 807-834.
Nature’s Visual Feast: Ornamental Plants of Tropical Kerala.
Dr. Babuji Mathew, Dr. Sunny Luke & Dr. Peter K. Mani.
4. Introduction to Kerala Studies: ISBN – 978-0-615-45465-8, Vol – II,
II SAC@2012, pp. 737-754
Floristic Wealth of Kerala.
Dr. Dennis Thomas T., Dr. Peter K. Mani & Dr. Sunnichan V.G.

Outside the College

  • Member – panel of subject experts & examiners

(a) Central University, Kasargod.
(b) M.G. University – appointed 5 Lecturers in various colleges of M.G. University Pala St.Thomas (2), K.E. College Mannanam (1), Alphonsa College Pala (1), St.Stephen’s College Uzhavoor (1)

  • Examinership

(a) Chairman, M.G. University First Semester Botany, Theory Exam. 2018-19
(b) Deputy Chairman, Kottayam Zone Centralised Valuation Camps of I, II, III, IV, V & VI Semester Botany Theory Examinations 2017 onwards.

  • Question Paper Setter

a. Public Service Commission.(PSC)
b. C.M.S. College, Kottayam.
c. Assumption College, Changanacherry
d. S.B. College, Changanacherry

  • Invited Talks and Resource Person

(a) Baselius College, Kottayam – Tribal People in Kerala
(b) B.K. College, Amalagiri – (1) Medicinal Plant Buffet for daily life.
(2) Journey through plant taxonomy.

Within B.C.M College

(i) Head of the Dept. of Botany, 2017-18 onwards.
(ii) Nominated Member of College Council in the year 1997.
(iii) Regular Member of College Council from 2017-18 onwards.
(iv) Teacher in Charge:-
(a) Bhoomithra Sena Nature Club.
(b) Former Director of Catholic Students Movements (CSM), College Unit.
(c) Staff Advisor, Eastern Group Music.
(v) Convenor – Exhibition on World Wet Land Day Celebrations in 2018 & 2019.
(vi) Organized – Memorable Display of National Flag with 180 students of various Departments.
(vii) Mentor of 3 Start Up Program 2018 sponsored by Business Innovation & Incubation Centre, M.G. University.
(viii) Organized Inter Departmental Elecution Competition on the topic, ‘The relevance of my elective subject’.

(1) Title: Bio waste management with the special emphasis on unwanted aquatic weeds (Salvinia molesta Mitchel, Eichhornia crassipes (Mart Solms) and fallen dried leaves of rubber. (Heavea brassiliensis).
Letter No. MRP(S) 532/2006 (X PLAN)/KLMG030/UGC-SWRO Dated 19th December, 2008
Grant Approved: Rs.35,000/- – completed & settled
(2) Title: Eco-Friendly waste management in and around Kottayam District with special emphasis on plastic, rain water and selected organic waste.
Letter No. MRP(S)-991/10-11/KLMG030/UGC-SWRO Dated 22 nd December 2010
Grant Approved: Rs.1,35,000/- – completed & settled.

1. Exhibition 2018 – World Wet Land Day Celebration – Rs.18,000/- – Completed & settled
2. Exhibition 2019 & Street play – World Wet Land Day Celebration – Rs.19,500/-
3. Mentor of 3 Student Start-up Programme, M.G. University, Business Innovation and Incubation Centre (B I I C) & Inter University Centre for Organic Farming & Sustainable Agriculture (IUCOFSA).
a) Re-use of used Baby Diapers (Pampers) as moisture retaining material for balcony gardens and organic farming of flowering and foliage plants. Ms. Ann                   Maria Antony and Team

b) Specimen Botanical Garden. Ms. Anju Jestin and Team
c) Eco-Friendly domestication of Stingless Bees (Trigona iridipennis Smith) in bee- hive made up of natural materials (Bamboo Cuttins, Coconut Shell, Woden        Box and Earthern Pots) and their establishment in organic farms. Ms. Mariza Markose and Team
4. Applied for Research Fellowship under the scheme “Ecology & Environment” (30 Lakhs) – submitted.

(i) Domestic Waste Management Strategies with special emphasis to K A M B A.
(ii) Domestication & Pollination Enhancement by Stigless Bees. (Trigona irridipenis Smith)
(iii) Oyster Mushroom Pleurotus florida Cultivation.
(iv) Plant identification.
(v) Interaction Studies in between Plants and Animals.
(vi) Plant based Fish-trapping devices of Kerala.
(vii)Flower arrangement using local cut flower & foliages.

(i) Kerala Botanical Society (KBS) – Organized Inter Collegiate Quiz Competition this year (2019)
(ii) International Association of Pteridologists (IAP) – New Jersey
(iii) Skills Impact (Australia).
(iv) Pollinator Partnership – (SanFrancisco), California.