General Information:

Designation : Assistant Professor

Mobile : 9496264746

Email : [email protected]

Address : Kozhimala, Amalagiri P.O., Kottayam, PIN 686561

Department : Zoology

Area of Specialization : Entomology

  • Ph.D -Pursuing, School of Biosciences, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Bioscience (Zoology)
  • M.Sc. Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam Zoology
  • NET CSIR Life Sciences
  • SET Kerala state Zoology
  • B.Sc. Calicut University, Calicut Zoology
  • B.Ed. Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam Natural Science
  • Board of Examiners, St. Berchmans Autonomous College, Changanassery 2018 onwards
  • Subject Expert, Interview Board, KE College, Mannanam 2020, 2021

Teaching Experience :

  1. Bishop Chulaparambil Memorial College Assistant Professor 2015 – till date
  2. St. Pius X College, Rajapuram Lecturer 2003-2004
  3. St. Berchmans College, Changanassery Lecturer 2007
  4. DHSE (Govt. of Kerala) HSST (PSC Appointment) 2009-2015
  5. VHSE (Govt. of Kerala) NVT Biology (PSC Appointment) 2008-2009

Direct instruction
Blended learning
Flipped classrooms
Practical and project-based learning
Problem- based learning
Field- based learning
VAK learning
Crossover learning
Personalized learning
Process oriented guided inquiry learning (POGIL)
Computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL)

  • Question paper setting
  • Curriculum designing
  • Evaluation
  • Student Scholarship cell
  • Kshamatha va kushaltha Vikas Kendra- skill development programme
  • Mentoring
  • PTA
  • Live labs
  • Bird‟s club
  • Career orientation
  • College union activities
  • Tierra – Zoology association activities
  • CSM
S.No Year Publication Title Name of Journal / Proceedings
1 2013 Effect of different
concentrations of detergent
on dissolved Oxygen
consumption in Anabas
Journal of Environmental
Science, Toxicology & Food
Technology4(3), 2013
2 2018 Study on prevalence and
control of pests on stored
Agroforestry with special
reference to Apiculture,
Name of the
Year of
Name of Publisher
1 Physiology &
Vermiculture 2018 Zoological Society of Kerala
2 Shasthrapadam,
Popular Science
financially aided
among Birds
July 2013 SET (Science
Education &
3 Shasthrapadam Adult stem cells August 2014 SET (Science
Education &
4 Shasthrapadam Cell signaling June 2019 SET (Science
Education &
Sl. No Title of Seminar/ Conference etc Title of Paper Presentation/ Participation Agency/ Venue Date Level
1 Animal Science Congress Study of
amino acids
present in the
of various
life stages of
banana pest,
Cosmopolitus sordidus
Participation with A
ZSK 10-03-2001 State level
2 Lecture for UGC
NET aspirants in Life sciences
Cell Biology Invited lecture SBS, MGU, Kottayam 16-06-2013 Regional
3 Shasthrapadam – Lecture Series Biology Invited lecture BRC, Koothattukulam 09-11-2020 Regional
4 Shasthrapadam – Lecture Series Biology Invited lecture BRC, Kuravilangadu 24-11-2020 Regional
Seminar attended/
1. National seminar on Recent trends in Biology (22,
FEBRUARY,2018), organized by Department of Zoology,
BCM College, Kottayam, in collaboration with CDC and
Advanced Centre of Environmental Studies and Sustainable
Development, M.G.University, Kottayam.
2.National seminar on Recent trends in molecular taxonomy
and captive breeding techniques of freshwater ichthyofauna
(7-8, December 2017) organized by Department of Zoology,
Govt. College, Kottayam, sponsored by DCE & Govt. of
3.Awareness and field birding programme (18-19, May,2018)
conducted by Department of Zoology, BCM College,
Kottayam, in collaboration with WWF-India, Kerala state
office and KSBB.
4.International seminar on „Malayalathe Suriyani
Kristhyanikalude purathanapattukal‟(24- 26, August,2017 ),
organized by Department of Zoology, BCM College,
Kottayam in association with M.G.University , Kottayam.
5.Talk of Environmental Science & Human Rights (29,
September, 2018), held by Zoological Society of Kerala, at
CMS College, Kottayam.
6.National seminar on Ecotechnological perspectives for
sustainable development (27 & 28 July 2017), organized by
SBS, MG University, Kottayam in collaboration with
KSCSTE, Kerala Academy of Sciences & KSBB
7. Lecture on “Research Culture and Research Language” By
Dr. Joseph Scaria, in the international webinar organised by
the research committee & IQAC,St. Berchmans College,
Changanacherry, Kerala, on 19th October 2020.8. Lecture on “How to get your research paper accepted in a
good journal; A journal editor’s viewpoints” by Suresh C
Pillai, in the international webinar organised by the research
committee & IQAC, St. Berchmans College, Changanacherry,
Kerala, on 20th October 2020.
9. Webinar on “Art of Beekeeping -Apiculture” held on 29th
July 2020, organized by the Department of Botany in
association with the Internal Quality Assurance Cell.10. Webinar on “Zebrafish Disease Models for Phenotypic Drug
Screens and Personalized Medicine” organised by
Department of Biosciences, Union Christian College, Aluva,
in association with U C College Alumni Association of North
America (UCCAANA) on October 24th 2020.
11. Webinar on „Biodiversity and conservation‟ organised by: PG
Department of Botany and Nature Club (Sree Vidyadhi Raja
NSS College, Vazhoor) in collaboration with Kerala State
Biodiversity Board (Kowdiar, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala)
on 15th July 2020.
12. Webinar on
13. Erudite lecture by Nobel laureate, Sir Richard John Roberts
– „Why you should love bacteria?‟ organised by St. Berchmans
College, Changanacherry, Kerala, on 14th December 2021.
Non-credit Courses 1. Introduction to the biology of cancer offered by Johns
Hopkins University
2. COVID- 19 contact tracing offered by Johns Hopkins
3. Science of exercise offered by University of Colorado
4. Fundamentals of immunology: Innate immunity and B cell
function offered by Johns Hopkins Rice University
Challenges & strategies in reproductive & environmental health
with special reference to COVID-19 pandemic‟ organized by
ISSRF from 19- 02- 2021 to 21-02-2021
Short Term
Animal Cell Culture Workshop organized by Mar Ivanios College,
Trivandrum in collaboration with higher education council,
Kerala from 18-11 2019 to 23-11-2019
Faculty Induction Programme from 01-01-2021 to 30-01-2021
conducted by University Grants Commission Human Resource
Development Centre (UGC-HRDC) Kannur University, Kerala
UGC – sponsored Refresher Course in Life Sciences from
07/09/2020 to 20/09/2020 conducted by University Grants
Commission Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC)
Gujarat University, Ahmedabad
S.No Semester Paper Code UG- Title
1 1 ZY1CRT01 General perspectives in Science & Protistan Diversity
2 1 ZY1CRP01 General perspectives in Science
& Protistan Diversity(Practicals)
3 2 ZY2CRT02 Animal Diversity- Non Chordata
4 2 ZY2CRP01 Animal Diversity – Non
Chordata (Practicals)
5 3 ZY3CRT03 Animal Diversity – Chordata
6 4 ZY3CRPO3 Animal Diversity – Chordata (Practicals)
7 4 ZY4CRT04 Research methodology,
Biophysics & Biostatistics
8 5 ZY4CRP02 Research methodology,
Biophysics & Biostatistics
9 5 ZY5CRTO5 Environmental Biology & Human rights
10 5 ZY5CRPO5 Environmental Biology & Human rights (Practicals)
11 5 ZY5CRT06 Cell Biology & Genetics
12 5 ZY5CRPO6 Cell Biology & Genetics (Practicals)
13 5 ZY5CRT08 Human Physiology, Biochemistry & Endocrinology
14 5 ZY5CRPO8 Human Physiology, Biochemistry & Endocrinology
15 5 ZY5OPT02 Public health and Nutrition
16 6 ZY6CRT09 Developmental Biology
17 6 ZY6CRP09 Developmental Biology (Practicals)
18 6 ZY6CRT12 Occupational Zoology
(Aquaculture, Apiculture,
Vermiculture & Quail farming)
19 6 ZY6CRP12 Occupational Zoology
(Aquaculture, Apiculture,
Vermiculture & Quail farming)
20 6 ZY6CBT04 Elective 4: Nutrition, Health &
life style management
21 6 ZY6CRPRP Project work
22 1 ZY1CMT01 Non Chordate Diversity
23 1 ZY1CMP01 Non Chordate Diversity (Practicals)
24 2 ZY2CMT02 Chordate Diversity
25 2 ZY2CMP01 Chordate Diversity (Practicals)
26 3 ZY3CMT03 Physiology and Immunology
27 3 ZY3CMP03 Physiology and Immunology (Practicals)
28 4 ZY4CMT04 Applied Zoology
29 4 ZY4CMP02 Applied Zoology(Practicals)

Member of Zoological Society of Kerala

Member of Birds Club International