Activities – Department of Commerce

Group Discussion

The Department of Commerce had conducted 2nd Group Discussion on the topic ‘Is it a good move to include petrol and diesel under GST?’ on September 23 rd 2021.Second year students had also actively participated .

Doodle Art Competition

The Department of Commerce had conducted an Inter-department competition titled ‘Doodle Art Competition ‘ where participants are provided with a one week time till September 15 to submit their entries .Winners were provided with E- certificates.

Teachers Day Celebration

As a part of Teachers Day ,Teachers Day Celebration 2021 was celebrated on 6th September Monday by the Department of Commerce . Teachers were honoured with a surprising skit, videos, wishes and they even shared their teaching memories and experiences in BCM College.

Ramp Walk Competition

As a part of Onam .Com 2.0 Department of Commerce had conducted an Inter-Departmental Ramp Walk Competition on 5th September 2021.The competition was conducted based on some rules and respective winners were provided with E- certificates .

Diary Writing Competition

Diary Writing Competition An Inter- departmental Diary Writing Competition was conducted by Department of Commerce on the topic “Diary of 90’s life ”.It was held on 4th September 2021 as a part of Onam.Com 2.O to give a glimpse of 90’s life about Onam.

Meme making competition

Department of Commerce had conducted a” Meme making competition” on the topic CORONAM’ as ONAM.COM 2.0 in connection with Onam on 3rd September 2021 after the Onam Celebration.

Photography Contest

As a part of National Photography Day ,Department of Commerce had conducted a photography contest on 24th August 2021 on the theme “ Remembrance along the trail “. It was conducted with the aim that such pictures should be ‘a memorable picture from your past that you would like to cherish in the present’.

Onam Celebration 2021

Onam Celebration 2021 was celebrated by Department of Commerce on August 19th Thursday .It was held online as ‘ Veetilirunnu Onam’ with so many programmes including dances , songs , quizzes and teachers even shared their Onam memories and experiences.

Intra Department Competition

As a part of Friendship Day the Department of Commerce had conducted an Intra departmental ‘Friendship Card making competition’ on August 1st 2021.It was conducted with several guidelines and winners were provided with E- certificates .


Department of Commerce had conducted a webinar on ‘ Introduction to Research Methodology’ on July 29th 2021. The webinar wad hosted by Anju P Tom , Research scholar in IIM Kozhikode. She gave a vast and wide lecture on Research methodology.

Inter Department Competition

An Inter departmental competition of reuse of CD as a ‘showcase of creativity’ was conducted on 28 July 2021.It was organized by Department of Commerce with the idea evolved ‘from trash to treasure’ and the respective winners were awarded with E- certificates.


Department of Commerce in association with Central Depository Services Limited(CDSL) had conducted a webinar on 15th July 2021 which was led by N P Rajeev- resource person for CDSL IPF( Investor education ) on the topic “Financial planning and the role of depository in capital market”.


The members of investors club of commerce department had conducted a webinar. It was led by the respected HOD of self financing department of Commerce  Dr.  VS Jose sir on the topic “Introduction to stock market” on July 7th 2021.

Wall Art Competition

Department of Commerce had conducted an Inter-departmental Wall art competition on the topic ‘Landscape Art’ from 1st July 2021–7th July 2021.Winners were provided with E-certificates.

Group Discussion

By taking into consideration the covid-19 pandemic the Department of Commerce had conducted a group discussion on the topic “How far India can be rated in fighting covid-19” on July 5th Monday.

Lecture Series

8th lecture series in honour of our former principal Dr Sr Karuna and Prof. Josephine Simon had been organised by the Department of Commerce on 21st June 2021.It was lead by the former Union Minister honourable Prof KV Thomas on the topic “Indian Economy In The Wake Of COVID Like Pandemic“.

Association inauguration

The Department of Commerce had organised the Association Inauguration 2021_22 on 12th June 2021 which was officially inaugurated by Ms Dhanya Varma who is an amazing host of The Happiness Project and also a Tedx speaker .She guided the girls to a new world of happiness and spoke about the way of confidence and brave we should have to face challenges etc .

Slogan writing competition

As a part of ‘World Child labour day’ the department of Commerce had organised an Intra departmental Slogan writing competition on the topic ‘Stand against child labour‘ on 12th June 2021




As a part of Christmas celebration, Department of Commerce has celebrated Christmas by sharing the Christmas cake for the entire students of the Commerce department. Final year students had celebrated Christmas with the teache4rs of the department. The cake cutting and distributing the cake as a part of sharing sweet made the added to the day.


To celebrate Teachers’ Day students of Commerce Department arranged a surprise party inside the staff room. The staff room was well decorated by the final year students before the teachers arrived. The decorations and arrangements were made in such a way that the day was turned out to be a memorable day. The highlight of the celebration was the cake cutting by the teachers along with the first, second and third year students inside the department. The aim of celebrating Teachers’Day is to express the love and gratitude we feel towards those who have taught us in life from school teachers to college professors to our tutors or trainers in fields of academics or non-academics.


As a part of onam celebration the whole Department including the teachers and students had onasadhya together in classrooms. The idea of initiating this program was bringing all the students together and educating students that sharing is caring was really implemented. A variety of having the lunch together without any difference between the teachers and students was the highlight of this initiative.Like all other traditional festivals, the promotion of goodwill and social cohesion is the aim of celebrating onam.


It’s an innovative scheme introduced in order to inculcate the habit of newspaper reading among the students. The students of Commerce Department were blessed to be reared in a college where reading and keeping up with what was happening in the world was important. The students were given The Hindu, Times of India, Economic times and Business Line newspapers every working day at their classes free of cost. The students were given reading time of 30 minutes before the classes began on a day or after the end of classes.


A career guidance workshop was organized by the Department of Commerce in association with the Logic Institute, Kottayam. The session was held on 8th July 2019 in room number 224. Professional resource persons from the Logic institute, Mr. Gabby Godly and Mrs. Desi Korah talked about various courses that would best suit in the changing corporate world.



The Department of Commerce organised a career guidance session about GST practitioner course and its wide opportunities in the field of commerce. It was conducted on 28th November in the Sr. Savio Hall. The session was lead by Mr. Shibu Gopi, a well experienced cost accountant. The session was attended by all the students including first year, second year and third year B. Com students, first year and second year M. Com students and teachers of the Commerce Department.

Short Film

As a part of the Association activities, the students of the Commerce Department were shown the short film ‘Juice’ on February 6, 2020. The short film was directed by the National Award winning director Neeraj Ghaywan.


The Department of Commerce undertakes the activities of five clubs. The five clubs are ENTREPRENEURSHIP CLUB, QUIZ CLUB, CAPITAL MARKET CLUB, RESARCH CLUB and the FILM CRITICS CLUB. The workshops of club’s activities were inaugurated by Mr. Jipin V Jimmy, Head of the Commerce Department, BCM College, Kottayam on the day of Association inauguration.

Club Name

No. of Activities

Entrepreneurship Club


Quiz Club


Capital Market Club


Film Critics Club


Research Club





A five day tour was organized for the final year students. The key destinations of the tour were Malpe, Dandeli and Coorg. A group of 70 students along with 4 faculties had the opportunity to get a break from the daily routine life for a few days and have a joyous getaway


MCOM BATCH 2019-21

First year post graduation students in commerce, of Bishop Chulamparambil Memorial, Kottayam has organized an industrial visit on 17th January 2020 to Eastern condiments Pvt ltd, Adimali.


PRAYAAN 2k19-20 an Inter Collegiate Commerce Fest of prize money Rs 110000 held on 11th January 2020, Saturday which was a high profile event for students all over Kerala to compete their business mettle. 633 students from 169 Colleges participated in the events.There was a total of 9 events – Best Manager, Best Management Team, Task Management, Marketing Game, Duet, Group Dance, Photography, Tik Tok and Group Selfie .


The Department of Commerce in this academic year published three handwritten magazines. They were- KALEIDOSCOPE, EKAYAA, ESSENTIA

group discussion series.

The group discussion series of 2019-20 ‘SAMVAAD’ was inaugurated by the Head of the Department of Commerce Prof. Jipin V Jimmy and was graced with the presence of the teachers and students. It was commenced by Group Discussion coordinators, Gayatri K of third year tax and Bona Susan of Computer Application. The following group discussions were conducted:

  1. Does the election result of the largest democracy reflect the minds of people? Do we need Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) or Ballot paper?”

  2. Can India make a transition to E-vehicles?.

personal grooming sessions

The Department of Commerce had organised a personal grooming session on 19th July 2019 which was lead by Prof. Anju Annette of the FACS Department. She spoke about the etiquette to be followed while working in an organisation, the way to be behaved during an interview, etc

Swayam -deposit scheme

The students of Commerce Department has initiated in opening a recurring deposit account. The main aim of this initiative is to maintain an account for the purpose of gathering money for their final year entertainment tour. Both the first year and second year students maintain the account for the sake.

workshop on financial planning

the Department of Commerce organized a full day workshop on financial planning. The session was handled by Mr. V S Binu, an expert and professional at financial planning. The workshop was conducted on 10th July 2019.

union budget analysis

the Department of Commerce conducted a Budget Analysis Programme “The you in the Union Budget” on 12th July 2019. Mrs. Nisha Jose and Mr. Mathew Adackamundackal from the

K.M Mani Centre for Budget Research presided over the programme as resource persons. The programme was held in the college auditorium. Prof. Jipin V Jimmy, Head of the department, Dr Teena Annah Thomas, principal of BCM College, presided over the meeting

Fresher’s day

On 24th September 2019, the third-year students of the Commerce Department organized “Mixpah 2019” to welcome the new members with grandeur.

Intra departmental programs

Commerce department never fails to ensure the development of every individual. There are many intradepartmental programs conducted related to commerce fields and some such programs are Naaptol advertisement, extempore, and charades. These fun activities enlarge their knowledge and abilities

Debate competition

On 27th June,2019, a debate was conducted on the topic ” Is democracy just a word?”. It is the name used to describe decision taht affects the way their community is run on. The students raised their view points and it turned out to be a huge success.

Sudoku competition

Skills and thrills is a 3 day program conducted every year to test and identify talented students of BCM College. They are sudoku queen, spot dance and IQ test. They took place on 6th,7th, and 8th of February.

poster desigining

As part of the world population day we organised a poster designing competition on 11th July,2019. The topic was ‘FAMILY PLANNING’. All participants portrayed their ideas and creativity to their best abilities in a short period of time.

Extension activities

The department of commerce has always encouraged its students to think beyond the theories learned in the classroom. They are empowered the students to apply those theories in their daily lives. The third years went to such sections of society to impart their knowledge about the subject.


On October 1st as the national blood donation day, the Malayalam Manorama organised blood donation camp and students of our department took major part in it by donating blood. This was a great commitment from the part of around 40 students showing their care towards society.

Environment day

On 12 th June,2019 as part of the world environment day we organised a Go Green campus awareness program. A training session was conducted for the students to make cloth bag. It was taken by Sneha Boby of 3rd year taxation. This helped students to connect themselves to nature and understand the value of the world.

CMDRF- flood relief

CMDRF is chief minister’s distress relief fund to which all the students of PG and UG of commerce department contributed to share what is possible by each one of them to help the people in flooded areas. This has gained great attention and was very appreciable activity from the part of students.

Hair donation

As part of the hair donation campaign conducted by the BCM College union ‘Vamika ‘ , 7students from the commerce department actively donated 30 cm of their hair willingly showing their great generosity and love for human mankind.

Lecture series

The 6th Lecture series in honour of Dr. Sr. Karuna and Prof. Josephina Simon was conducted on 15th January,2020 in the college auditorium at 10:30 am. The chief guest was Dr. M. B. Rajesh , former MP of lok sabha. He spoke about the Indian Economy 2020.

Association inauguration

Inauguration of Association- Pravega. Association Inauguration of commerce department for the academic year 2019-2020 commenced on 3rd January ,2020. It was time for the department to fly again with it’s newly sprout wings. The founder of MOD signature Jewellery Mrs. Asha Sebastian was the chief guest . She shared her story of success and the way she juggled all the responsibilities of her life


The Department of Commerce organized a Virtual GROUP DISCUSSION on 08th October 2020,Thursday from 10:30am to 11:30am considering the Topic “WILL E-COMMERCE DOMINATE PHYSICAL STORES??”


The Department of Commerce organized a Virtual GROUP DISCUSSION on 30th September 2020,Wednesday from 10:30am to 11:30am with the Present Relevant Topic “CAN VIRTUAL CLASSROOM REPLACE A REAL CLASSROOM!?”


Robert.H.Schuller:” Today’s accomplishments are yesterday’s impossibilities”

The commerce department of BCM college conducted the 7th edition of the lecture series in honour of Dr.Sr.Karuna and Prof. Josephina Simon on 19th October,2020 at 10:30 am through the Google meet.
The session was presided over by the Hon.(retd) Justice Kurian Joseph, former supreme court judge who inaugurated the program and gave a talk on the topic “CONSTITUTIONAL VALUES”. The students actively participated in the interactive session that followed.The former principals and head of department , Dr. Sr karuna and Prof. Josephina Simon both shared valuable words.This lecture series which began seven years ago was initiated this year as well despite the situation and it was a great success.


The commerce department of BCM college , conducted an inter-departmental online video making competition on the topic “Ignited life of Missile Man of India” from 8 th October 2020 to 14 th October 2020.Many students actively participated and exhibited their creative skills to the fullest.

SUDOKU competition

The commerce department of BCM college, Kottyam conducted an inter-departmental online Sudoku competition on 9th October,2020 at 5 pm through Google form. Many students actively participated and exhibited there ability by solving the question within the allotted time.


“A trip to Nostalgia now and then is good for the spirit.
The Department of Commerce  Organized an ALUMNI MEET virtually on 26th September,Saturday at 5pm.The reunion went so well, followed by some events .The Alumnae shared their long back memories of life at BCM.

Association Inaguration

The Association Inaguration of the Commerce department, 2020-2021 was held on 25th September,2020.
The Chief Guest for the Inaugural Ceremony was the most renowned, successful Entrepreneur and the Managing Director of  V-Star Creation pvt Ltd. Mrs.Sheela Kohouseph Chittilappily. It included an interactive session where everyone was able to clear their questions and get inspired by her words.


Commerce department conducted an inter-departmental online competition from August 24th to September 1st . The events were mask making , Trendition, lock down family picture, writing  competition on onam memories and troll making. The first prize winners were awarded e-certificate.

Sent off Ceremony

The Department of Commerce has organized SENT OFF CEREMONY for our beloved lectures, “Mrs. Jini John” and “Ms. Anju P Tom” on 2nd July 2020 through the online platform Google Meet. 

You may not take the classes anymore, but the lessons , memories and your teachings will never let us forget you both. Thank you for educating and empowering us… 

We Bid you both Farewall and lots of Love


Onam Celebration

The Department Of Commerce celebrated Onam on August  27th virtually! The whole team cooperated and made the best out of the situation. The celebration ended in high spirits!


 Department of commerce had conducted aNational Seminar on the topic “Emerging issues in commerce” in association with College Development Council of Mahatma Gandhi University on 29th October 2018, Monday.The topic chosen for the seminar was exceptionally appreciated for its relevance in national level.The function was inaugurated by Prof. P J Kurien, former Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha. 


 The Department of Commerce conducted a lecture series in collaboration with securities and exchange board of India on 30th December 2018, at 9:30 am at college Auditorium on the topic ‘INVESTOR AWARNESS’.The function was inaugurated by Mr. Hariharan is currently Head office of Investor Assistance and Educations (OIAE) and the communication division in SEBI.

Seminar on ‘Investments and Capital Market’

The Seminar was conducted on 17th January 2019, Thursday at 2pm in the College Auditorium. Mr. V GEORGE ANTONY, Non Executive Vice Chairman, UAE Exchange,took the Seminar.

Dr.Sr.Karuna Lecture Series – 5th Edition

 The 5th edition of the Dr.Sr.Karuna Lecture Series commenced in 6th September 2018at 10am in the College Auditorium on the topic, ‘Changing India: Social and Political Consciousness among Women’.Ms. Nisha Purushothaman,chief News Producer,Manorama News, Prof. Josephina Simon, College Principal, Dr.Sr.Karuna S.V.M. , former Principal of B.C.M College, Kottayam, Fr.Philmon Kalathra, Bursar and Secretary, The Corporate Educational Agency of Colleges, Archeparchy of Kottayam and Mr. Jipin V Jimmy, Head of the department, Department of Commerce lighted the lamp for an auspicious beginning.