General Information:

Designation : Guest Faculty

Mobile : 8138928647

Email : [email protected]

Address : Karinattil Puthenpura, Kidangoor South P O, Kottayam-686583

Department : English

Area of Specialization : Postmodernism, Literary History, Literary Criticism

  • M.A., M G University, English, 2016
  • B.A., M G University, English Language and Literature Model 1, 2014

Teaching Experience : Five and a half years

Collaborative skill-oriented student-centric methods are adopted while teaching. Put an earnest effort to make the students interested in the subject using technology-oriented teaching aids.

Sl.No Title of Seminar/
Conference etc
Title of Paper Invited/Participation
Agency/ Venue Date National/ International
1. Vachana 2021: Bodies: Between and Beyond The Presence and the Absence of the Body of Femme Fatales: A Comparative Analysis of the Bodies of Femme Fatales in John Keats’ La Belle Dame sans Merci, Lamia and The Eve of St. Agnes and The Legend
of Kalliyankattu Neeli
Contribution Department of English and Cultural Studies, Christ (Deemed to be University) Bangalore 10/04/2021 National
2. National Seminar on Myth, Folklore and History: Revisiting Cultural and
Literary Traditions
Historiographic Fiction as Postmodern Tool to Criticise the Contemporary Indian Politics: An Analysis of Chanakya’s Chant by Aswin Sanghi Contribution Postgraduate and Research Department of English, Nirmala College, Muvattupuzha 16/01/2020 National
S.No Title Funding Agency Venue Date Regional/ National
1 Polyphony of Global Voices: Readings of
Poets in Praxis
UGC Webinar 11/01/2021 National
2 Body Aesthetics in Popular Culture: Role of Beauty Pageants UGC Webinar 17/12/2020 National
3 Unwrapping Covid: A Pandemic of Enforced Silence and Abuse” by
Aparna Gopan
UGC Webinar &
& National
4 Artistic Escapades and the psychological landscape of the Covid 19 Pandemic UGC Webinar 11/08/2020 National
5 Ecocriticism: Theory & Praxis UGC Webinar 26/07/2021 National
S.No  Semester  Paper Code  UG- Title  PG – Title
1.  EN010101  Up Until Chaucer: Early  
Literatures in English
2.  EN010103  Literatures of the English  
Revolution/ Enlightenment
3.  EN010105  Literary Criticism
4.  EN010202  Postmodernism and Beyond
5.  EN010203  American Literatures
6.  EN010205  Thinking Theory
7.  EN010304  Literature and Gender
8.  EN010302  Post Colonial Fiction
9.  EN010401  Cultural Studies
10.  EN820402  Modern European Drama
11.  EN1CC01  Fine-tune Your English
12.  EN1CC02  Pearls from the Deep
13.  EN1CR01  Methodology of Literary  Studies
14.  EN2CC03  Issues that Matte
15.  EN2CC04  Savouring the Classics
16.  EN2CR02  Introducing Language  and Literature
17.  EN3CC05  Literature and/as  
18.  EN3CR03  Harmony of Prose
19.  EN3CR04  Symphony of Verse
20.  EN4CC06  Illuminations
21.  EN4CR05  Modes of Fiction
22.  EN4CR06  Language and Linguistics
23.  EN5CR08  Literary Criticism and  Theory
24.  EN6CR13  Modern World  


25.  EN6CR12  American Literature
26.  EN3CC07  Gems of Imagination
27.  EN4CCT08  Revisiting the Classics