The editorial board

The editorial board of the journal comprises of :

The Chief Editor who will be the college principal, Associate editor will be the head of the department and having the responsibility of the journal, two editors in supporting who will be two full time faculties of the department of Social Work. The editorial board and international advisory board consist of experts in different fields of social work and publishing from India and abroad. The present editorial and advisory boards are as follows:

Chief Advisor: Fr. Alex Akkapparambil

Associate  Advisor: Fr.Philmon Kalathra

Chief Editor: Dr.Teena Annah Thomas

Associate Editor: Dr.Ipe Varughese

Editors: Ms.Jeslet T.Mathai, Mr. Bijo Parasseril.


  •   Dr.Suseel Samuel

            Former water Consultant, World bank

            Mob.9847312336, Email:[email protected]

  •   Dr.Cherian P Kurian

            Former Director, School of Social Work

            Marian College, Kuttikkanam,Mob.9446860733    

  •   Dr.Stephy Thomas, Head, Dept. of Statistics

            BCM College, Kottayam

            Mob. 9496337236, Email:[email protected]

  •   Dr.Sonny Jose, Head, Dept. of Social Work,

            Loyola College, Trivandrum

            Mob.9895364053    Email: [email protected]

  •   Dr.Jose Antony, SSUS, Kalady, Ernakulam

            Mob.9446217759  Email: [email protected]      

Members in Advisory Board 

1. Dr.P.K Shajahan                             

     Tata Institute of Social Science Mumbai

     Email:[email protected]

2. Dr.A. Malathi                                

     Delhi University, New Delhi                                                                 

     Email:[email protected]

3. Dr. Baiju Vareed                              

     Edmonton, Canada

     Email: [email protected]

4. Dr.P.M Mathew                                

     Christ Deemed To be University, Bangalore

     Email:[email protected]

5. Dr.Joby Babu                                    

    Marian College, Kuttikkanam, Idikki

    Email:[email protected]

6. Dr.Sheeba Joseph                           

    BSSS, Bhopal

    Email:[email protected]

7. Mr.Manoj P Kurain                         

    Alberta, Canada

    Email: [email protected]      

8. Prof. Dr.Abraham Francis             

    James Cook University, Australia

    Email: [email protected]