Programmes – Sociology

Under Graduate Programmes

B.A Sociology

Programme Specific Outcomes

PSO1: Understand the evolution of major sociological concepts
PSO2: Understand key sociological concepts and theories
PSO3: Understand and critique sociological theories
PSO4: Understand the various methodological tools used in deciphering social reality
PSO5: Analyse contemporary social issues from a sociological perspective
PSO6: Understand the features of Indian society
PS07: Apply research methods in research studies.
PSO8: Create a research project to study a contemporary social problem and produce research outcomes
PSO9: Analyse various developmental and environmental issues through theoretical understanding
PSO10: Understand and evaluate human rights issues in contemporary society

Common Course IEnglish22
Common Course IIMalayalam/Hindi/French16
Core Sociology54
Complementary IEconomics14
Complementary IIHistory14