Scope of Educere

Educere BCM journal of Social Work (EBJSW) publishes literature related to social work. The literature needed and useful for  social work profession will be published in EBJSW. The knowledge from other related disciplines also will be published in educere. EBJSW aims to include the literature useful for social work functions in different domains such as education, practice in different sectors, training and social work administration. Hence EBJSW is highly useful for  practitioners, educators, students, trainers, social workers in the administration field for references and publishing articles. EBJSW emphases on multidisciplinary  knowledge relevant for social workers.

EBJSW invites articles

Educere BCM Journal of Social Work invites articles for publication. Articles could be related to the following fields:

  • Application of methods of Social Work in different fields
  • Literature enhancing knowledge in field work practice
  • Social Work Practice in different domains
  • Issues of elderly, women, children, disabled, marginalized and so on.
  • Social Work Interventions at individual, group and community levels.
  • Literature adding knowledge to Social Work profession including those from other related disciplines.
  • Evaluation of programs/projects both implemented by government, NGOs or other institutions.
  • Book reviews, case studies and articles introducing Social Work organizations (agency profile), activities of professional associations in Social Work, etc.


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