Physics Department

Physics Department

      Department of Physics, the first undergraduate Science department of BCM College came into being in the year 1957 under the headship of Prof. V.J. Joseph. He was an ardent physics teacher and the first principal of the college. The department has always maintained a high standard of teaching and academic excellence. Hundreds of our alumni hold responsible positions in various fields in and outside the country. Department hosts seminars, workshops and conferences on the cutting edge topics which provide ample opportunities for students to get in touch with latest development in the subject. Students are always promoted to actively participate in curricular and co-curricular activities which the department hosts on a regular basis. Additional lectures by eminent personalities are appended to equip students with knowledge, personal development and spiritual strength.


Our vision is to fight darkness with light. Every student of physics aims to be a source of light energy, guiding others out of the moral darkness they have fallen into, lending a helping hand when they stumble and fall and thus illuminating the world around with the light of joy and brotherhood.

Our Objectives

  • To develop broad understanding of fundamentals in basic areas of physics.

  • To develop critical thinking and quantitative reasoning ability.

  • To improve the experimentation and communication skills

  • To develop research aptitude.

Courses offered

  • B.Sc undergraduate physics course with Mathematics and Chemistry as the subsidiary subjects.

  • Complementary Physics for students who have opted for Mathematics and Chemistry as Core subjects.

  • Open Course:- Physics in Everyday Life .

  • Add-on Courses:- 1. Electrical and Electronic equipment maintenance

                                     2. Computer Applications

  • Certificate Course:- Our Universe – The World Around Us