Guide Lines


Guide lines for Authors

All the communications regarding the articles should be addressed to Associate editor, educere BCM journal of Social Work. The associate editor will make correspondences only with the main author of article. All the email correspondences are to be addressed at [email protected]

Requirements for submission of articles:

    • The article should be related to the field of Social Work and within the scope of EDUCERE BCM JOURNAL OF SOCIAL WORK(EBJSW)
    • An abstract not exceeding 150 words is to be included.
    • Length of the article should not exceed 6000 words.
    • Should include full correspondence details of the author(s) such as present address, institution, current position, email id, telephone number (LL and Mob).
    • The article should be accompanied with the author/s’ declaration that ‘the article is the original work of author/s, has not been published or not submitted for publication elsewhere’. If the author has quoted more than 500 words from any other published work, a copy of permission taken from them is to be enclosed. The title page of the article should contain the title of the article, author’s name and details of institution. Authors name should not be included anywhere else in the article. A certificate of plagiarism check (not exceeding 30%) also is to be attached while submitting the article.

  • If the article is submitted in hard copy, three copies of the work is to be submitted, typed in A4 size, double space and in one side of the paper. The soft copy of the article should be submitted to [email protected] and [email protected]. The article should be typed in fond- ‘Times New Roman’ in MS-Word format only.

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