Programmes – Economics

Under Graduate Programmes

BA Economics

Programme Specific Outcomes

PSO1 Analyse real life problems from an economic perspective and find solutions to it.
PSO2 Compare and contrast various economic policies framed by the authorities and give suggestions for improvement.
PSO3 Develop entrepreneurial skills that ensure confidence and a sense of self-reliance.
PSO4 Judge the current economic situation by looking at the market movements and make investment decisions accordingly.
PSO5 Develop a strong base in subject knowledge that ensure admission in well rated institutions for higher studies.
PSO6 Create communication skills especially on economic matters that enable them to grab good employment opportunities.
PSO7 Use research skills acquired through pedagogical strategies and field surveys for reaching new heights in Economics
PSO8 Create civic consciousness, a sense of environmental concern and passion towards fellow beings.
PSO9 Use the quantitative knowledge for securing good jobs in banks and similar institutions.

Common Course IEnglish22
Common Course IIMalayalam/Hindi/French16
Core Economics54
Complementary IPsychology14
Complementary IIHistory14